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True that Unbreakable, with its deliberate slow pacing and left-field narrative, would and has proved to be not everyone's cup-o-tea, but there's a film making craft here, and a genius idea brought to vivid life, that makes a spectrum of film lovers lament how his career nose dived, how his ideas quickly got as stupid as his acting Actif au théâtre et dans le doublage, il est notamment connu pour avoir été la voix française d'Adrian Paul dans la His new colleagues are somewhat weird not to mention more or less useless when it comes to police work. The story itself is incredibly captivating since the main plot holds a lot of mystery and suspense, but these only work as well as they did thanks to Shyamalan, both director and screenwriter. The dialogue is priceless, one liners and hat tipping nods to the action genre come thick and fast, in fact you can watch Hot Fuzz repeatedly and play spot the homage each time. J'ai insisté pour qu'il soit suivi médicalement. Selon Brad Anderson, "il s'est affamé, épuisé, pour approcher l'état d'esprit de son personnage.

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The soundtrack is so important, especially in the last act where everything comes to a conclusion. It's inspirational and even epic, I dare calling it. It's just perfect!

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Throughout the runtime, you can barely notice it due to how subtle it is. However, when it is needed to deliver a new layer of feelings, it always raises the moment.


As discussed above, this is a M. Night Shyamalan film, so a very powerful twist right at the end needs to happen It gives the audience an unpredictable perspective about the whole story.


I risk myself in saying that it isn't exactly necessary, but the truth is that it makes sense and it does bring the movie to a whole other level, so very, very well done!

Finally, I just wish that this film had been released now. It is so much different than what we are used to watching and experiencing, that I dare to say it is one of the best movies inside this genre.


Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson have great chemistry, but the former has his career-best dramatic performance. The editing, production, soundtrack and even the pacing of this film are entirely flawless, as well as the ending twist that leaves us with our jaws dropped. Unbreakable is one of the most underrated superhero movies ever, but it sits way on top as one of my favorites.

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Posted by. Il partage ses nuits entre la cafétéria de l'aéroport, où il retrouve Marie, la serveuse, et l'appartement de la prostituée Stevie.

Depuis quelque temps, la vie de Trevor devient de plus en plus étrange. Qui laisse des messages codés dans son appartement? Pourquoi Marie ressemble-t-elle tant à sa mère? Quant à Stevie, elle semble bien connaître le nouvel employé de l'usine, Ivan.

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Pourquoi ne lui a-t-elle rien dit? Un homme d'ailleurs très étrange, cet Ivan. The test of a great comedy is how it stands up to repeat viewings, to me Hot Fuzz delivers no matter how many times it is viewed.

For even when you know what is coming up next, the smile on your face is already there before the event, wonderful, wonderful film made by guys who love movies as much as ourselves.

The movie poster makes it look like a hard-boiled police action movie but reading the reviews it became clear that it was more of a comedy. I had not heard of the movie before but it generally got good reviews so the other evening me and the boys sat down to watch it.

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This is a fun movie. A good, old-fashioned British comedy. The core story could very well have been a serious crime story but the way it is implemented makes it so incredibly silly in a fun way.

It starts off pretty much right away when PC Angel is told that he will be promoted but moved, because he makes the rest if the bunch of the dimwits at the precinct look bad, to a small British town where the most fun you can have is to watch the grass grow or get drunk and from there it goes downhill for Angel. His new colleagues are somewhat weird not to mention more or less useless when it comes to police work.